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Naeimi Nomadic Carpets is a persian family business which  founded in 1940 in traditional market of Shahreza(Isfahan province) and has been lasting for three generations. During these years, our goal has been to promote and keep Qashqai and rural nomadic handwovens alive through the production and distribution of carpets, jajim, gebeh and other nomadic handicrafts all over Iran and the world.

About Us

Naeimi Carpets in the national media

Naeimi nomadic handwovens is one of the oldest stores in Shahreza market with a long history (more than 80 years). This shop is known as one of the most reliable shops in the whole city and has always been the focus of the media in interviews and documentaries of the country and the Isfahan province.

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Here you can see our main product categories. Each item contains some subcategories. So please take a look at the inner pages to get a comprehensive view of all our handmade products.


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